Tamro corporate centre will be closed down during the spring 2012


Employee negotiations in Tamro Corporate Centre, which begun in February 2012, have been concluded. The negotiations concerned 17 employees in the Tamro Corporate Center excluding the Corporate IT department. As a result of the negotiations the employment of at most four persons will be terminated as of 30.4.2012. Others will continue in new positions in Tamro Finland and/or PHOENIX Group organizations, have found new employment outside Tamro, or a temporary employment contract is ending.

Tamro corporate centre will be closed down during the spring 2012 due to the organizational changes decided by Tamro’s owner, the PHOENIX group. In the new operational model, Tamro’s current business units will report directly to PHOENIX. Tamro Group operates in the Nordic and the Baltic countries and Poland. The PHOENIX group is the leading pharmaceutical distributor in Europe with operations in 23 countries.

The Tamro business units continue all their operations normally, and the suppliers and customers are not affected by the changes. Tamro is the market leader in Finnish pharmaceutical distribution with a 54 % market share.


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